Pyramid of Success EP

by Marguerito

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the final Marguerito songs


released February 20, 2016

written by Jake Fertig
vocals by Jake Fertig
bass by Kevin Edelson
keyboard by Kevin Edelson
lead guitar by Christian Carter
feedback by Christian Carter
drums by Michael Harris
produced by Marguerito
mixed by Dylan Nowik
lug lubrication by Jason Moss
mastered by John Scrip, Massive Mastering
cover by spencer francus

recorded at the nacho spot
nachos by susan harris
a special thanks to all of our families and loved ones for helping us make this record, and to anyone who listened to marguerito's music either live or on record




all rights reserved


Marguerito New York, New York

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Track Name: Checking Out the Present
I wanna keep it
I wanna reap the benefits
And I wanna dance to Genesis
I'm gonna be less hesitant but

Got a secret
I want less resistance
And I want to rate time now but something’s missing
And the ingredient is distance yeah

It’s in my system
I'm losing my aggression
I'm checking out the present
And I'm trying less desperately to get everybody friends with me
I need less attention
I'm vacating the premises

I checked out of all of my scenes
And it feels right
Sorta feels like
When the field’s wide open
But the frame is frozen

I got three options, the present with a body
And a nose ring
Or blurred nostalgia and biding
In derision and reluctant and plagued by
Indecision, I'm sucked in in time

I’m checking out the present
I'm no longer a resident of the past
It’s history and the future’s obsessed with me
If I lived in the moment and squandered the rest
Tell my family I’m sorry
My mind must have left me
Track Name: All Day
She doesn’t wake up till Ashley sees her
Then she goes straight for the tweezers
Tracy doesn’t listen to Weezer anymore
That’s Tracy with a C and a Y, not that shit with one or two I’s

Two bright blue eyes
Tube in mouth
Connected to a box she doesn’t understand
She’s got two hands and they’re getting barbecued
She’s got a home and away vape
The former she’s two clumsy to use

Zonked in the domepiece
Home alone with no keys
She’s with the vape in Walmart
She hits the vape in aisle 8 comparing rates on ink and toner
She’s buying eighths from Omar on her floor
She’s on the floor with Omar making jokes about his boners

It’s the easy way, she’s not doing her homework
She’s not voting, and I think she’s getting over

Ashley lights
She repacks, relights
Real nice, you scorched it Ash
You’re too good for that trash
Mom it’s torched moving on
Two hundred bucks for freelance
New bong

Frank Ocean, ice blue bong, no
Grinder plus school funds, petty cash, lunch at a nice restaurant
And she gets what she wants
Greek salad, house vinaigrette
Success, it’s the exception

She’s got a home and away vape
She’s got no time
She’s giving tasteful intermediate-sized corporations the cosign
And designing ways for her men to self-emancipate
Her new gay best friend just went frat straight
All day she says

Everything I do is not enough
I used to be tough

After all that we’ve been through, I see you along the way baby
There is nothing we can’t do, I see you along the way baby

In a pinch in the sky in your eye
In a pinch in the sky in your eye

After all that we’ve been through, I see you along the way baby
There is nothing we can’t do, I see you along the way baby
Track Name: Indian Summer
Well I fashioned myself never to be lonely but that’s how it goes down
And it always goes down
A couple of kids never made it out over hometown

Everybody’s got their private prisons
Some never mar get out
Like she’s a slave to the party
But it runs in her family
Her father’s a congressman
Her sister overcompensates with

False self-image confidence
Washed up indie songstresses
Juno soundtrack’s on amid the still can’t help from wondering why
Don’t my friends love me like I do
Like I do

Just kicking around here
Not trying to hurt anybody
I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody
New shirt skirt and workout
No more pity party

When I get shitty at the party
I’m a fucking sitting duck for the hysterical
My chemical values become more pronounced
If you want me you want trouble
How much am I worth per ounce?
Don’t my friends love me like I do
Like I do
Like I do
Oh I do
Track Name: You Got It
Nobody cares what you do unless you’re doing it wrong and hurt someone else
Nobody shares how they feel or cares what you think
But that doesn’t make it a bad world
I try to keep to myself because the closer we are to others
The further we are

From acuity

But I believe in you
You still got it

I try not to be too hard on myself, I’m only one man, I do what I can
They said to turn a page I once crushed in my hand
The first day I knew you were leaving
There is nothing to believe in because when you believe
You must continue to believe

At what cost

But I believe in you
You still got no faith in god but you play it safe and never sin
You got friends who’ve begun to use again but it’s unclear what that means
And we can never be wrong
How can this many people be wrong?

Some people can be careless but I’m not
I like to look down from my studio apartment and plot
All my household chemicals are metaphors
For the ways that we poison ourselves to give the impression of purity
But my family spoiled me with love

I believe in you
You still got it
My family spoiled me with love
How can this many people be wrong?
When it’s love, you decide